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Gaming1 is an online betting software developer based out of Belgium with an office in Malta. The company has established operations in both the online betting market as well as traditional land-based casinos, providing games and sportsbetting solutions to their clientele. Additionally, the company also owns six casinos themselves, with locations in France and Switzerland headlining their locales. 

The company is working to become a multi-headed beast when it comes to providing online services. With a license from the MGA, the company puts out a number of slots, providing attractive visuals and features. There are also dice games and some limited table games on offer, which help make the group attractive to punters.

In addition to these projects, Gaming1 has a platform that they've built, which includes the likes of Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, NetEnt, IGT, Playson, Nyx, and several others. This platform can also be offered to operators, giving the company an all-in-one solution.

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Gaming1 slots are modern, creative, and innovative. Each tries to bring something new to the table in terms of game play, without deviating from industry norms too much. My compliments to whoever did their design and math. Normally I don't comment on this, but their help files are outstanding and written in perfect English, which is something I don't see very often in this business. They also kindly disclose the return percentage of all their slots. Below is just a sampling.

  • Amazon Fierce -- 96.23%
  • Blood Pact -- 96.38%
  • Boost Racers -- 95.83%
  • Cash of Lords -- 95.71%
  • Deal or no Deal -- 96.4%
  • Glam Night -- 95.76%
  • Mystic Charm -- 95.74%
  • Olympus Revolution -- 96.06%

Dice Games

Mystery Arena
Potion Up
Take it or not
Turbo Dice

Gaming1 has several "dice games." These are games that involve 12 shakes of 3 dice. The player can choose with of four 3x3 grids to place each roll in. When a grid is completed, the player wins for any row or diagonal with three of the same symbol.

I have no idea on the odds of any of these games. Each involves 11 decision points, so may be a way to enjoy to gambling dollar longer.

Banca Francesa

Banca Francesa

Banca Francesa is a Portuguese dice game. It could briefly be explained as a simplified version of sic bo. There are three bets only and each has a house edge of a low 0.46% if you could ties as a bet resolved and 1.59% if you don't (there are a lot of ties). For the full rules and analysis, please see my page on Banca Francesa.


European Roulette
Steampunk Roulette
Vertical Roulette
American Roulette
Deal or No Deal Roulette
Deal or No Deal Bonus

There are basically three types of roulette games:

  • European single-zero
  • American double-zero
  • Deal or No Deal

There are some other titles available, like vertical and steampunk, but those are all skins of single-zero roulette.

Deal or No Deal Roulette is played on a 38-slot wheel, with every number from to 0 to 37 plus one labeled "Bonus." If the player bets the Bonus region of the layout and the ball lands in Bonus, then he will play a Deal or No Deal Bonus round. There is also a pointer that randomly revolves around the wheel. This has no purpose except for bets on the Bonus. If the player bets on the Bonus, the ball lands in Bonus, and the pointer points towards the Bonus slot on the wheel, then the player will play the Super Bonus. This will happen once in 1,444 spins, so forgive me if I don't see what that is about.

I can say in the regular bonus there are 26 cases ranging in value from 0.2 to 40 times the bet amount. The average case is worth 1007/130 = 7.7462 the bet amount. Given a (1/38)*(37/38) chance of winning a normal bonus, the return from the normal bonus is (1007/130)*(1/38)*(37/38) = 19.85%. The game claims a return for this game of 94.74%, the same as conventional double-zero roulette. Either this is the return for the conventional bets or there is a huge average win in the Super Bonus.

Finally, the Banker offers are exactly fair, in other words the average of the unopened cases.

If anyone does reach the Super Bonus in this game, please send me a screenshot of the prize amounts.

However, my advice is stick with the single-zero games at a house edge of 2.70%, as opposed to the 5.26% of the double-zero and Deal or No Deal games.


Multi-Hand Blackjack
3 Seats VIP
7 Seats
7 Seats VIP

While there are four tables to choose from, they all have the same rules. The only differences are whether there are 3 or 7 spots at the table and whether the limits are regular of VIP.

The rules are typical for online blackjack: 6 decks, dealer stands on soft 17, dealer peeks for blackjack, double on 9 to 11 only, double after split allowed, surrender allowed, split once only per initial hand. The house edge under these rules is 0.44%, per my blackjack house edge calculator.

Card counters may be interested to know they deal two decks into an eight deck shoe (shut up Wiz!).

I would submit as a suggestion to Gaming1 that they should have a single-spot game with larger cards.

The following table shows the Blackjack games available in alphabetical order.

GAMING1 Blackjack Alphabetic OrderExpand

Game BJ PaysSoft 17Double After SplitDoubleSplits NumberRe split acesDraw to split acesPeekSurrenderReturnTotal DecksLive Game
All Blackjack Games 1.5 Stand Yes 9 to 11 1 No No Yes Yes 99.56% 6 No

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Corporate web site: www.gaming1.com.