Play Online Super Double Bonus Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
250% Welcome Bonus
$3,000 Welcome Bonus

If you like playing Double Bonus Poker, a rare variant to find both in Las Vegas and online casinos, you’ll love it's bigger cousin! With the same place of origin — the family of traditionally plentiful payouts on four of a kind — Super Double Bonus Poker takes up the paytable experience one step further.

To be precise, it’s 1.6 steps, but who’s counting when the game comes with all customary bells and whistles of Wizard of Odds wizardry!

As the ultimate goal stays the same — select the most potent card(s) out of five you’ve been dealt with as you try to build the best hand and top the house — so does the features, user interface, smoothness, availability on all platforms, playful fun, entertainment, and other balanced attributes of our online poker training tools.

This games only adds diversity.

To bring you up to speed, as is usually the case, or even give a head start, you can get analytically acquainted with Super Double Bonus Poker strategy, combinations, probabilities, and returns. (Only the payout for Royal Flash vary compared to the actual game, as other figures do their magic!)

While such preparations may be helpful to govern the voluminous 10,000 free credits bankroll, the betting range in this game — from one to five coins — is flexible enough to serve skills’ levels and playing styles of every player, from novice up to advanced echelons.

Clean layout, with trademark visibility and accessibility, is segmented in four recognizable segments: the paytable, playing cards, information strip, and control module.

As said…

…payouts are oriented toward incrementally rewarding your four of a kind in four different ways. It’s like 4x4 wheel drive, you might say, for the poker all-rounder, particularly on the highest bet where Aces’ quad pays more than Straight Flush!

To give you maximum awareness of these options, the paytable is positioned at the top of your screen for the whole duration of your session.

By increasing your wagers via BET ONE button on the control module, active payouts remain visibly highlighted. The same happens if you click on BET MAX, which serves as a shortcut to max wager of five coins.

You can increase the tempo of dealing cards, branded with Wizard of Odds visuals at their backs, with the SPEED button; this playing gearbox, if you will, have four gears.

At the top of control module pyramid are the MORE GAMES button (allowing you to switch between a myriad of poker games while remaining in the same playing field), as well as DEAL and DRAW buttons (a rather self-explanatory by definition) and a HOLD command (activated by hovering above your card and clicking on it).


…mastering the Super Double Bonus Poker perfect strategy requires time, not to mention knowledge.

To protect you from occasional frustration and to lend a helping hand, there is yet another habitual feature of our games, the Personal Game Advisor. Missioned to expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and increase your chances, it comes in the form of two handy features.

The free advisor is to provide you with the warning if you have a better choice regarding cards you opt to HOLD. You can turn it ON by checking “Warn on strategy errors” box. Once activated, the pop-up window appears whenever you can fine-tune your poker decision-making process.

The hand analyzer is available once you’ve been dealt your cards, through the ANALYZE button. By clicking on it, you enable yet another pop-up window providing you with a statistical overview of the best options to play with your current hand.

If you opt for any of available suggestions, the application will take you back to the playing table with cards already pre-selected (HOLD); if you opt to make your own choice, just press the RETURN TO GAME button and off you go.

By using any of features, you get the best of both worlds, regardless of your playing level.

You get to play a classic and fun game while improving your skills and gaining experience, without having to use the real money, and in case you’re a seasoned gambler, you also get to tune-up the poker strategy and work on fine details to give you an extra edge at the casino.

In any case…

…Super Double Bonus Poker flows quickly, smartly, and simply, leaving you with just one prerequisite — responsible approach to gambling.

Afterward, it’s up to good luck!