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Last Updated: May 23, 2019

On This Page Sports Book Review


Since 1996 Antigua based has been providing sportsbetting, casino, poker, and fantasy betting products to their customers. The site offers sportsbetting services to the American betting market, focusing primarily on major US sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. For years was seen as a relatively safe sportsbook to bet at, but recently payment-processing issues have resulted in very slow payments to customers. Because of this, players should exercise caution when deciding to deposit at this site.


There are a host of sports to bet on from all over the world. Here are just a sampling and the juice you can expect to pay.

  • NFL: 20-cent sides and totals for a house edge of 4.55%.
  • NFL Futures: 13.72% average house edge, which is quite low for futures bets.
  • NCAAF: 20-cent sides and totals for a house edge of 4.55%.
  • CFL: 20-cent sides and totals for a house edge of 4.55%.
  • MLB: 10-cent money lines and 20-cent run lines and totals. House edge of 2.38% on the money line and 4.55% otherwise. The 10-cent money lines break somewhere before lines of +135/-150.
  • Soccer winning team/tie: The overall house edge on straight up soccer bets on the winner or a tie ranged a lot depending on the league. Here is the house edge for some that I sampled:
    • Italy: 5.78%
    • Germany: 5.82%
    • United States: 5.98%
    • Brazil: 7.59%
    • Mexico: 9.01%

  • Soccer totals: 40-cent lines (ouch!) for a house edge of 8.33%.
  • NBA: 20-cent sides for a house edge of 4.55%.
  • Masters futures: 36.72% house edge.
  • Tennis (Japan's Women's Open Tennis): 30-cent lines for a house edge of 6.52%.
  • Auto Racing (Spring Cup) futures: 23.34% house edge.
  • NHL Futures: 23.34% house edge.
  • Dancing with the Stars futures: 34.05% house edge
  • World Series of Poker futures: 23.59% house edge.
  • 2016 Republican Primary futures: 25.77% house edge.

On the whole, I was not impressed with these lines. There were some good spots, like the 10-cent money lines on Major League Baseball and the low juice on the NFL futures. The 20-cent lines on other American sports was just standard. The huge 30- and 40-cent lines on other sports are much too high.

I took at peek at the odds for the Republican primary of 2016. The lines were quite a bit different from those at one of their competitors. It goes to show the benefit of shopping around, especially on obscure betting events. Here are some examples:

Table Title

Canidate 5 Dimes
Jeb Bush +220 +160
Donald Trump +250 +450
Marco Rubio +700 +450
Scott Walker +1500 +700

In closing, this is a simple and down to business sports book.

Race Book

The race book mentioned a rebate of 3% on win, place, and show bets up to 8% on exotic bets.


The casino uses games by Betsoft. There does not appear to be a way to play for free, even with an account.

There are also table game tournaments but I don't know any details on that.


I don't know much about the poker product, but they do have one. The first step is to download software for it, which I didn't do.

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Wizard Recommends

  • 300% + 40 Free Spins Play
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