Cutting Edge Table Games 2019 - Part 2

Let me begin by wishing my fellow U.S. readers a happy Thanksgiving. May we all feel grateful for the good things we have, as opposed to focusing on things we don't need that we don't have.

For this week's newsletter let's continue our look at the new tables games of the 2019 Cutting Edge Table Games Conference last week.

To pick a game randomly, let's start with No Point Craps (pictured above). This is a somewhat like craps. It's basically betting whether the second roll of the dice will be higher or lower than the first. However, this only goes for the craps points numbers, otherwise those bets win or lose immediately. There are all the usual craps side bets too as well as other multi-roll bets.

Next up is the game Cash Card. This one was invented by a young man of 18, who I was very impressed with. This is yet another way of playing roulette in places like California and Oklahoma where the standard wheel is illegal. It used a modified deck and the player simply bets on the next card to be dealt.

Next is Kyle Morris with his latest game, Down Under Hold 'Em. All of Kyle's games use special cards and mirrored reader to essentially peek at a card to determine whether it is low, medium, or high in rank. This one is based on Mississippi Stud. It allows the player to make decisions knowing which group the next card will fall in.

Next up is Vinny with his game Diceball. I've actually seen in this game in casinos in Amsterdam and Zurich, but my US audience may be unfamiliar with it. The object of the game is to go as many rolls as possible without rolling a seven. Of course, there are a lot of side bets thrown in. Vinny had a contest at the show for going the most rolls without a seven. I got within two rolls of beating the winner and sevened out. For more information, please see my page on Diceball.

Finally for this week is the game Flushed. This is a simple game where cards are dealt from a single deck until five cards of any suit have appeared. Players may bet on the winning suit, color, and how many cards it takes to resolve the bet. I rather liked the simplicity of this game.

There are still more games to cover, so look out for part 3 of my series on the 2019 Cutting Edge show.