Winnie the Pooh Trivia

For this week’s newsletter I challenge you to Winnie the Pooh trivia!


  1. Where did Winnie the Pooh and all his friends live?
  2. What does the sign above Winnie the Pooh’s door say?
  3. What two creatures are Pooh afraid of?
  4. Where might Pooh go if he needed to concentrate on something?
  5. According to the song, what is the “most wonderful thing about tiggers?”
  6. Which character was prone to losing his tail?
  7. Which two characters do not especially like each other?
  8. Who is the only female character?
  9. According to Tigger, what does TTFN stand for?
  10. Who is Pooh’s best friend?
  11. What might Pooh say if something didn’t go his way?
  12. What is Eeyore’s catchphrase?
  13. What is Piglet’s catchphrase?
  14. The broken clock in Pooh’s home is stuck on what time?
  15. In China, images of Winnie the Pooh have been censored from Social Media web sites since 2017 for what reason?
The original Winnie the Pooh toys

These are the original Winnie the Pooh toys. Piglet was lost. Photo taken in early 2019 at the New York Library branch by Bryant Park.


  1. The Hundred Acre Woods
  2. Mr. Sanders
  3. Heffalumps and Woozles
  4. Pooh’s Thoughtful Spot
  5. “I’m the only one.”
  6. Eeyore
  7. Rabbit and Tigger
  8. Kanga
  9. Ta-ta for now.
  10. Piglet
  11. Oh, bother.
  12. Thanks for noticing me.
  13. Oh d-d-dear.
  14. 10:55.
  15. Chairman Xi Jinping is said to have a resemblance to Winnie the Pooh and they do not take kindly to insulting the man in charge.
Chinese leader with Winnie the Pooh

Image source: India goads Chinese leader with Winnie the Pooh taunts after brutal border clashes.