Hannukah Trivia

I wish my newsletters readers a happy belated Hanukkah. To celebrate, I have prepared some Hannukah trivia for you.


  1. How many candle holders are on a menorah?
  2. The original Hanukkah miracle occurred after who recaptured the Temple from whom?
  3. What game might be played to celebrate Hanukkah?
  4. What is the name of the first Hanukkah candle to be lit?
  5. What are two of the most popular foods might one eat to celebrate Hanukkah?
  6. In the original Hebrew, Hanukkah is an acronym for what?
  7. The story of Hanukkah can be found in which books?
  8. The miracle of Hannukah is that a one-day supply of temple oil lasted how long?
  9. A Hanukkah candle should burn for at least how long?
  10. When Hanukkah falls on the Sabbath, which should be lit first, the Hanukkah candle or the Shabbat candle?
  11. How many blessings are said at the lighting of each candle?
  12. What is given to children during Hanukkah?
  13. Which president was the first to have a public Hanukkah candle lighting?
  14. Where in the house should the menorah be located?
Hanukka lights

Image source: fhm/Getty


  1. Nine.
  2. The Maccabees victory over the Seleucid Empire (I’ll also accept Antiochus IV Epiphanes).
  3. Dreidel.
  4. Shamash.
  5. Latkes and sufganiyot (I’ll accept potato pancakes and jelly donuts).
  6. It is an acronym in Hebrew that translates to “Eight candles, and the halakha is like the House of Hillel.” That is a reference to one rabbinical school of thought on the proper order to light the candles.
  7. First and Second Maccabees.
  8. Eight days.
  9. Half an hour.
  10. The Hanukkah candle, because that may be lit before sundown, but definitely not the Shabbat candle.
  11. Two, except three the first night.
  12. Gelt (I’ll accept chocolate coins in gold foil wrapping).
  13. Jimmy Carter, in 1979.
  14. Near a door or window, so that it may clearly be seen from the outside.

Source of answers: Wikipedia