Burning Man & Eclipse Reminders

This week I would like to remind my readers of two important deadlines – Burning Man 2023 and the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024.

To start with Burning Man, the “main ticket sale” is April 12. However, the window to register for the sale is right now and closes at noon, Pacific time, on Friday. Here is what you need to do:

  1. 1. Create a Burner Profile. This is something you need to do only once per lifetime. To do so, go to profiles.burningman.org.
  2. 2. From the same web site, after logging in with your profile, click on "tickets" and then "register." You should then get some kind of access code within 24 hours for the sale.
  3. 3. Be ready at 12:00 Pacific time on April 12 for the sale. There will be about half a million people competing for about 10,000 tickets, so the odds are not very good. However, you have to be in it to win it.

If you have no intention to attend Burning Man, but have friends that do (like me), you would get about 314 friendship points if you managed to procure a pair of tickets and at least 3 points for trying.


More importantly, now is the time to start planning for the total solar eclipse of 2024. Here is a map of the totality path:

total solar eclipse
Image source: National Eclipse

Considering both proximity to Las Vegas and chances for clear skies, I plan to see it in Waco, TX.

At most hotel booking sites, you can book no further ahead of time than one year. You can try, but at this time no hotels come up in a Travelocity search. I am pretty sure hotels don’t allow reservations more than a year in advance.

So, I would be ready on April 9 THIS YEAR to book for next year. Preferably, at 12:01 AM. You can thank me later if you take this advice.

In both cases, may the odds be in your favor!