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Hoo Hee How


Hoo Hee How is similar to Yee Hah Hi. Both games are closely related to sic bo, instead use symbols on the dice instead of numbers. This particular game can be found at Internet casinos using Amigotechs software.


The rules are as follows:

  1. Three dice are used. Each die has the following symbols: fish, scorpion, goard, coin, crab, and rooster.
  2. There are six bets available, one for each symbol.
  3. Each bet shall pay 1 to 1 if the chosen symbols appears once, 2 to 1 if it appears twice, and 3 to 1 if it appears three times.


The following table shows the possible outcomes of each bet. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 7.87%.

Hoo Hee How Analysis

Total Pays Combinations Probability
3 3 1 0.004630 0.013889
2 2 15 0.069444 0.138889
1 1 75 0.347222 0.347222
0 -1 125 0.578704 -0.578704
Total 216 1.000000 -0.078704

Note that this game is mathematically the same as betting on a specific number in sic bo, under the stingy rules were all three pay 3 to 1 only. The more generous casinos pay 12 to 1 for that.


Before playing any game created by Amigotechs, please note they are listed in my Online Casino Blacklist.

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