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Greatest Cards Show


The Greatest Cards Show is a wheel-based game by Playtech, a provider of live dealer games for Internet casinos. The game is dealt with a live dealer, but certain elements, especially the bonuses, are animated.


  1. The game is played on a wheel with 54 stops. 52 of the stops are the cards in an ordinary deck. The other two are jokers.
  2. The player may bet on any cards he wishes, including bets for groups of cards, like all the kings or all the diamonds.
  3. After betting is closed, the game will randomly and electronically select 4 to 12 cards from the deck, with the average closer to the 4 side. Some of the chosen cards will be bordered in silver and the rest in gold.
  4. The wheel will be spun.
  5. If the wheel stops in a card that is not bordered in silver or gold, then bets on that card shall pay 40 for 1.
  6. If the wheel stops in a card bordered in silver, then the game shall go through the Spotlights Bonus. Only players who bet on the winning card will participate.
  7. In the Spotlights Bonus, three wins will appear under three spotlights. A card will step into one of the stoplights, indicating the win for bets on the winning card. In my limited sampling, prizes usually range from 50 to 100 for 1. The game rules suggest the maximum win is 2,000 for 1.
  8. If the wheel stops in a card bordered in gold, then the game shall go through the Lightshow Bonus. Only players who bet on the winning card will participate.
  9. In the Lightshow Bonus, the player will pick one of three colors. Then a grid of 20 prizes will appear. In my limited sampling, these prizes range from 50 to 400, with an average of about 90. After the players choose a color, three lights will randomly stop on one of the prizes. Bets on the winning card shall pay according to the odds the chosen color stopped on.
  10. If the original spin lands in one of the two Joker stops, then it will trigger the Joker Bonus.
  11. The first step in the Joker Bonus is the wheel will be spun again. No new bets will be accepted on this spin. If that second spin lands in a card, then players who bet on that card before the initial spin shall be eligible to play the rest of the bonus.
  12. Each time the wheel lands in a Joker stop, not counting the initial spin, the multiplier shall be increased by 1x. For example, if the wheel lands in a Joker five times in a row, including the initial spin, then the eventual win shall be multiplied by 5x. This is 1x for the original bonus, plus 4x more for the four extra Jokers.
  13. When the player enters the Joker Bonus, he will choose one of four jokers, each identified by a color — red, blue, green or yellow.
  14. After the player makes his choice, two of the jokers will have a juggling competition in the first of two semi-final matches, the one who drops a ball first loses and the other advances to the finals.
  15. Next, the other two jokers will compete in the same kind of juggling contest in the second of the two semi-finals. The one who drops first loses and the winner advances.
  16. Finally, the two winners from the semi-finals shall compete in a magic contest. Each will have a hat, but only one will contain a rabbit. The joker that produces a rabbit shall win and the loser get second place.
  17. There will be a random prize structure for the winner, runner up, and the two Jokers that lost in the semi-finals. For example, in the one game I observed, the winner won 1000x, second place won 180x, and the other two won 100x.


There are too many unknowns in the rules for me to analyze this game. Playtech claims the Return to Player (RTP) is 96.67%. You will have to take that on faith.

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