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Crown and Anchor


Crown & Anchor is a simple dice game found at Internet casinos using Evoplay Entertainment software. The player bets on one of six sides of the dice, three dice are rolled, and the player wins according to how many land on the chosen side.

Crown and Anchor


The rules are the same as the single-face bets in sic bo, except the dice have pictures instead of numbers. If you're not familiar with sic bo, here are the Crown and Anchor rules.

  1. Three dice are used. The faces of each die are a heart, diamond, club, spade, crown, and anchor.
  2. There are six bets, one for each die face.
  3. The dice are rolled.
  4. The player is paid according to how many dice land on the side the player bet on, as follows:
    • Three matches pays 3 to 1
    • Two matches pays 2 to 1
    • One match pays 1 to 1
    • Zero matches loses


The following table shows the number of combinations for each event of every bet, the probability of winning, and contribution to the return. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 7.87%.

Crown & Anchor

Pick Return
3 3 1 0.004630 0.013889
2 2 15 0.069444 0.138889
1 1 75 0.347222 0.347222
0 -1 125 0.578704 -0.578704
Total   216 1.000000 -0.078704