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Last Updated: August 16, 2017


Intertops Sports Book Review

Intertops welcomes players from United States: Virginia

Intertops Sports Book Review

Intertops welcomes players from United States: Virginia


Intertops has been around since 1983, making it one of the oldest sports books still in operation today. Based out of Antigua, they are one of the few US-facing sports books and certainly one of the biggest. Players are welcome from anywhere in the world except France. The company initially started out as a phone-based book, which offered services to the American market, where traditional sportsbetting is restricted. The group moved online in 1996 and has been offering digital services ever since. The company stands out as being one of the best U.S.-friendly sportsbooks, as they pay out consistently and have excellent customer service. I decided to analyze the sportsbook to see what they're offering customers, and whether or not it's still a good deal today.


The sports odds offered by Intertops are a little on the stingy side, in our opinion. For the major sports they offer fairly standard odds but the juice is high on the less popular sports like golf, tennis and snooker. Here are some comments about the odds offered at some sports at the time of this review in August, 2017:

NFL: 10-cent lines* on both the spread and total. 15-cent lines on total season wins. This review was written in the preseason so the only prop bet was on the coin toss (heads or tails) in the Super bowl. It was offered at a 5-cent line, which was the best bet I could find in any sport at Intertops. It is worth mentioning that some of their competitors offer 1-cent lines, or even 0-cents, on the Super Bowl coin toss as a fun promotional thing.

NCAAF: 10-cent lines on spread and total. 15-cent lines on total season wins.

MLB: 5-cent lines on the money line when closely balanced. I'm not sure exactly when they break to 7.5-cent lines but have narrowed it down to either +130 or +135 on the underdog. 10-cent lines on the total, run lines, and everything associated with the first five innings.

Other sports with two possible outcomes: Less popular markets like tennis, boxing, UFC, where there are only two possible outcomes tend to have 15-cent lines.

Sports with three possible outcomes: Sports with three possible outcomes (the two teams as well as a tie) consistently have an 8.7% house edge, assuming all outcomes had the same value. This would equate in value to 21-cent lines in a two-outcome sport.

Futures: Sports futures ranged in house edge from 21.1% to 25.4% for those I looked at.


* A 10-cent line means that in an exactly matched bet between two sides the bettor would have to lay 110 on either side to win 100. Often this will be adjusted, according to supply and demand, but if the two sides are 20 total points apart (Like -105 and -115, or +105 and -125), then it is called a 10-cent line.

Following is the house edge according to various sets of lines, assuming both sides offered equal value:

House Edge by Lines

Lines House
5 cent 2.38%
7.5 cent 3.49%
10 cent 4.55%
15 cent 6.52%
20 cent 8.33%


Intertops has two add-on casinos. The Casino Classic uses WGS Technology software while the Red Casino uses Realtime Gaming.


Both a Flash and download poker are available. That is about all we can report at this time.

Wizard Endorsement Status

Intertops have not earned endorsement from the Wizard of Odds.

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