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This Day in Sports History (9/6/2020 – (9/12/2020)


This Day in Sports History (9/6/2020 – (9/12/2020)

September 6th, 1920

  • First radio broadcast of a boxing prize fight.

September 7th, 1963

  • The Pro Football Hall of Fame dedicated in Canton, Ohio.

September 8th, 1972

  • Fergie Jenkins of the Chicago Cubs wins his 20th game for the 6th consecutive season.

September 9th, 1965

  • Sandy Koufax pitches a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs.

September 10th, 1858

  • John Holden hits the first recorded home run in baseball history.

September 11th, 1912

  • Eddie Collins of the Philadelphia Athletics stole 6 bases in a single game.

September 12th, 1976

  • The Seattle Seahawks play their first regular season game ever.