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This Day in Sports History (11/8/2020 – (11/14/2020)


This Day in Sports History (11/8/2020 – (11/14/2020)

November 8th, 1970

  • Tom Dempsey of New Orleans Saints kicker Tom Dempsey makes an NFL record 63 yard field goal.

November 9th, 1982

  • Legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard retires for the first time.

November 10th, 1963

  • Gordie Howe takes over NHL career goal lead with 545 career goals.

November 11th, 1946

  • The New York Knicks play their first ever game at the famous Madison Square Garden and they lost 78 – 68 to the Chicago Stags.

November 12th, 1933

  • First Sunday football game in Philadelphia which was previously illegal.

November 13th, 1985

  • Dwight Gooden who is the youngest 20 game winner in Major League Baseball history wins the 1985 National League Cy Young award.

November 14th, 1943

  • Sid Luckman of the Chicago Bears passes for an amazing 7 touchdowns in a single game against the New York Giants.