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This Day in Sports History (11/22/2020 – (11/28/2020)


This Day in Sports History (11/22/2020 – (11/28/2020)

November 22nd, 1959

  • The Boston Patriots enter the AFL.

November 23rd, 1988

  • Wayne Gretzky scores his 600th career NHL goal.

November 24th, 1960

  • Wilt Chamberlain boards 55 rebounds in a single game which is an NBA record.

November 25th, 1961

  • Bob Cousy became the second player to score 15,000 points in the NBA.

November 26th, 1982

  • Clyde King was named the manager of the New York Yankees.

November 27th, 1960

  • Gordie Howe became the first player in the NHL to score 1,000 career points.

November 28th, 1972

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers traded Frank Robinson to the California Angels.