Cirque du Soleil Love Show Review -- 11/22/2018

I just saw Love, by Cirque du Soleil, for the first time last night. The venue at the Mirage is perfect. The stage is an X shape in the middle of the theater, and the theater is not that huge, so every seat is good.

The show itself is difficult to describe. There is no plot, so you don't need to feel challenged understanding what is going on, as is the case with Ka. The outfits look straight out of an Austin Powers movie. Beatles music, emphasizing the Sgt Pepper era, plays and the cast appear to spontaneously break out in whatever the act is for that song. Trampolines, bungee cords, and ropes are frequently seen. I'm no expert, but the level of difficulty of the acrobatics seemed less than Mystere and Ka, but about the same as Zumanity (the only ones I can compare it to).

As mentioned, the music is heavily centered around the Sgt. Pepper album, unfortunately for me, as I always thought that that album was overrated. Also never liked the song Hey Jude, which, of course, they did. Somehow, they managed to play every Beatles song I don't like and few of my favorites. Sometimes between songs they played what was probably casual conversation caught on live mikes when recording. On video screens in the background they showed a lot of Beatles images, but none I were familiar with. I think they tried to give Beatles fans something new.

All things considered, I would say I liked Love, but didn't love Love. I'm not the biggest Cirque fan to begin with, so keep that under advisement if I sound too negative. Of the four Cirque shows I've seen, I would rank them, from best to worst: Mystere, Love, Ka, Zumanity.

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