Las Vegas Trivia

As usual, in the era of the Corona Virus, I find it hard to have any adventures worth writing about. So, I will challenge you with more trivia! This time the topic shall be my own Las Vegas.


  1. What is the oldest casino building in Las Vegas (name changes allowed)?
  2. What is the oldest casino in Las Vegas, always under the same name?
  3. In downtown Las Vegas, which street would you find between 4th street and 6th street?
  4. What does the Chinese game "pai gow," mean in English?
  5. What does the Spanish "Las Vegas," mean in English?
  6. Other than the Stratosphere, what is the tallest building in Las Vegas?
  7. Which James Bond movie took place, in large part, in Las Vegas?
  8. What is the deadliest day in Las Vegas history?
  9. On which two events is the Las Vegas Blvd. closed temporarily?
  10. In what "census designated place" does the famous part of the Las Vegas Strip (from Mandalay Bay to Sahara) belong to?
  11. Which was the first topless show in Las Vegas?
  12. What was the first fully integrated casino in Las Vegas?
  13. What was the first casino built on the Strip?
  14. Which casino incorrectly claimed to have the "most liberal blackjack rules" for years?
  15. Which TWO Rocky movies featured fights in Las Vegas?


(Scroll down for the answers)


  1. Golden Gate (opened in 1906).
  2. Flamingo.
  3. Las Vegas Blvd.
  4. Make nine.
  5. The meadows.
  6. The Drew (formerly Fontainebleau).
  7. Diamonds are Forever.
  8. Nov 21, 1980 (MGM fire, which killed 85). By comparison, the Oct 1, 2017 shooting killed 58.
  9. New Year's Eve and the Las Vegas Marathon.
  10. Paradise.
  11. Minsky's Follies (started January 10, 1957 at the Dunes).
  12. Moulin Rouge (which means “red windmill” in French).
  13. El Rancho.
  14. Las Vegas Club.
  15. Rocky IV (Apollo Creed vs. Drago @ MGM Grand) and Rocky Balboa (Rocky vs. Mason Dixon @ Mandalay Bay).