Catholic Trivia

I was pleasantly surprised to get no known complaints about my last two newsletters on Joe Biden and Donald Trump trivia. In celebration of the thick skins of my newsletter followers, I present Catholic trivia this week. Hopefully promoting Internet gambling at the same time is a venial sin only. The answers are based on the Catholic point of view. Protestant and Orthodox Christians may believe otherwise. If anyone believes any of my answers are incorrect, I welcome correction.


  1. Who appeared with Jesus during the Transfiguration?
  2. Which country has the highest Catholic population?
  3. Which two people in the bible died and their bodies later taken to Heaven?
  4. Who is the mother of John the Baptist?
  5. Who told Mary to name her child Jesus?
  6. Other than Elijah and Enoch, which people will never die?
  7. What three sacraments should be administered to the dying?
  8. Saintly people in Old Testament times went where after dying?
  9. What is the purpose of purgatory?
  10. Besides the cross, what other symbol represents Christianity?
  11. According to the Second Vatican Council, what musical instrument should be held in high esteem at Mass?
  12. What is believed to be Jesus’ blood type?
  13. Why are shamrocks associated with Saint Patrick’s Day?
  14. What three vows must a friar take?
Wizard at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Photo: Wizard at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe


  1. Moses and Elijah.
  2. Brazil (151 million). Mexico has 90 million and the US 68 million.
  3. Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
  4. Elizabeth.
  5. The angel Gabriel.
  6. Believers who are alive on the “last day.”
  7. Confession, communion (the last one is known as Viaticum), and anointing of the sick.
  8. Limbo of the Fathers / Bosom of Abraham.
  9. To purge sin from the soul.
  10. A fish.
  11. The pipe organ.
  12. AB, as mainly evidenced by a blood test done on the Shroud of Turin.
  13. Saint Patrick used them as an analogy to the trinity.
  14. Poverty, celibacy, and obedience. Diocesan priests are not required to take a vow of poverty.