Gunlock Falls

For today’s newsletter I would like to enthusiastically recommend a visit to Gunlock State Park. This hidden gem is in south-west Utah, located near Saint George and a two-hour drive from Las Vegas. It contains a reservoir and a network of waterfalls and pools below the point water leaves it. Assuming the water is running well, it’s a great place to cool off and have fun during the long hot days in spring and summer. Pictures speak better than words sometimes, so here are some from my visit on June 9.

This is one of many waterfalls. I challenge you to get behind the waterfalls, which is not easy swimming against the current.
Top of the falls
This spot is at the top of the falls. Be ready to jump over the water if you need to get around.
Clodu magic trick
My levitating cloud magic trick.
Cliff jumping
Another pool with cliff jumping opportunities.
Higher jump
A higher jump into the same pool as the previous picture. The water was a little cool but just the right temperature on a hot day in June.
This this the reservoir upstream of the waterfalls. I saw signage for a place that rents kayaks and paddleboards, but I brought my inflatable.
Duck poop island
I call this duck poop island. Yes, I know I have a farmer tan and no upper body strength. My apologies for hurting your eyes. I should have put my shirt back on for this picture.

In closing, the parking fee is $10 per vehicle. I think it is on the honor system. On the short trail leading to the falls, there was a table with two rangers collecting money for which they stamped the driver’s hand. There were also signs with a QR code to pay.

There is nothing to eat there and I didn’t notice any source of purified water, so bring everything you might need. If you pass through Saint George afterward, I recommend a visit to Viva Chicken


Utah State Parks. This web site seems to indicate the waterfalls are not always flowing and sometimes they close them if there is too much debris at the top. Small branches and logs must sometimes flow down. I would check this web site before going.