Impeachment Trivia

Andrew Johnson


  1. What is the difference in the roll of impeachment between the House of Representatives and the Senate?
  2. Which US presidents have been impeached?
  3. What should the accused be guilty of to be impeached?
  4. What are the only two penalties allowed by the Senate after an impeachment?
  5. Who overseas a trial after impeachment?
  6. What fraction of the House is required to impeach?
  7. What fraction of the Senate is required to convict?
  8. Can a president pardon past impeachments?
  9. Who may the Congress impeach?
  10. Was Richard Nixon impeached?
  11. Since 1789, how many impeachment proceedings have occurred in the House?
  12. What was the vote in the Senate to convict Andrew Johnson?
  13. What was the vote in the Senate to convict Bill Clinton?
  14. What was the vote in the Senate to convict Donald Trump (after the first impeachment)?
Bill Clinton


  1. Only the House of Representatives can impeach. If the impeachment is successful in the House, then it goes to the Senate for sentencing. In other words, the House acts like a grand jury and the Senate the trial.
  2. Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump (twice).
  3. Treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors.
  4. Removal from office and disqualification from holding a federal office in the future.
  5. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  6. Simple majority of those present.
  7. 2/3 of members present.
  8. No.
  9. The president, vice president, and “civil officers of the United States.
  10. No. After much discussion and investigation, the House voted to begin an impeachment hearing, but Nixon resigned before it was completed.
  11. 62.
  12. 35-19 in favor of conviction – one vote short of the 2/3 needed.
  13. 45 to 55 in favor of conviction on charges of perjury. 50 to 50 on charges of obstruction of justice.
  14. 48–52 to convict on abuse of power and 47–53 on obstruction of Congress.
Donald Trump