Purim Trivia

Chag Sameach! Today we celebrate Purim, the story about how the smart, brave, and beautiful Queen Esther saved the Jewish people in Persia. What better way than with some trivia! Before taking the test, I welcome you to prepare for the test by stuying the book of Esther, which is one of the shortest books of the Old Testament.



  1. What is the name of the king to Queen Esther?
  2. What is the name of the queen Esther replaced?
  3. Why did the king get rid of said previous queen?
  4. Who was Ether’s cousin, who raiser her, and was a high-ranking assistant to the king?
  5. Said cousin uncovered and prevented a conspiracy to assassinate the king, for which he never got credit. Who were the two of the king’s officers who were conspiring to kill the king?
  6. Who is the villain of the story, who wanted to kill said cousin as well as all the Jewish people?
  7. What was the name of the villain’s wife?
  8. How many sons did said villain have?
  9. While the king was in the selection process for a new queen, how many months of “beauty treatments” did a maiden receive before being presented to the king?
  10. How many maids was Esther given upon being chosen queen?
  11. Why did the villain and Esther’s cousin have a falling out?
  12. What was the height of the gallows said villain built to hang Esther’s cousin?
  13. What is the term for the scroll of Esther in Hebrew?
  14. Besides the book of Esther, which book in the bible does not mention god?
  15. What does the word Purim refer to?
  16. What might Jewish people today eat to celebrate Purim?
  17. What is said food supposed to resemble?
  18. What does the term for said food mean in English?
  19. What are the “four obligations” of Purim?
  20. What noise maker might be used at Purim?


  1. I’ll accept both Ahasuerus and Xerxes. I am not sure why these two names seem to be used interchangeably.
  2. Vashti.
  3. The king asked to dance wearing her crown (it’s assumed wearing only her crown), which she refused to do. Refusing the king did not go over well with him.
  4. Mordecai.
  5. Bigthana and Teresh.
  6. Haman.
  7. Zeresh.
  8. Ten.
  9. Twelve months.
  10. Seven.
  11. Mordecai refused to kneel down and pay honor to Haman.
  12. 50 cubits (about 23 meters).
  13. I’ll accept Megillah or Megillat. I’m told this is where we get the expression, “The whole Megillah.”
  14. Song of Solomon/Songs.
  15. The drawing of lots, which Haman used to choose a day to destroy all the Jewish people of Persia. Lots, by the way, could be compared to keno, in the drawing of a stone randomly from a bottle, to make some decision by chance.
  16. Hamantaschen.
  17. Haman’s triangular hat.
  18. Haman’s pocket.
  19. Listen to a reading of the book of Esther, sending gifts of food to friends, giving charity to the poor, eating a festive meal.
  20. A gragger. This is like a rachet wrench, held at the socket, spinning around the handle to make a clicking noise.