Memories of 2003

You may recall my December 31, 2020 newsletter was titled Memories of 2002. Continuing with that theme (for lack of a better idea), I present memories of 2003.

My younger of my two brothers and sister-in-law

Here I am with my younger of my two brothers and sister-in-law at the summit of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States.

Online gaming conference in Montreal

Here I am at an online gaming conference in, I think, Montreal. I believe this gentleman was with Casino Pays. I always find it difficult to resist posing with a beautiful model.

My father with my older daughter

This is my father giving a geography and numismatics (two of my favorite topics) lesson to my older daughter. He kept a collection of foreign coins in that can and was showing my daughter where they came from on that globe.

Grand Canyon

This picture of my crew and I about to cross the Grand Canyon and back in two days! That is a total of 45 miles. I am the one in the cowboy hat. That was a memorable trip, but I was very sore afterward.

My father with my older daughter

I needed a respectable picture of myself, so had this one professionally taken. I have gone downhill ever since.

Thank you for joining me on this quick trip down memory lane. Most of my pictures that year were taken with film, so I do not have many digital ones to choose from. My scanner is long since broken, so these digital ones will have to do. I hope you’ll join me next time for my memories of 2004.