Sex and the City Trivia

This newsletter was supposed to continue the analysis of Casino Royale, but guest writer Anne Larson is still on medical leave.

Besides James Bond movies, I must admit I am a big fan of Sex and the City. I know I don’t get any masculine points for saying that, but at the age of 56, I don’t really care. Why now? As you may know, Sex and the City is back in a reboot titled “And Just Like That.” That is one of Carrie’s expressions that I think speaks to how short life is and how quickly time passes. I love the title!

To celebrate the return of ¾ of the original main characters, I honor them with the following trivia challenge!


  1. What is Big’s real name?
  2. What was the name of Charlotte’s first husband?
  3. Who dumped Carrie with a Post-It note?
  4. Which was the only major character to have a “no nudity” clause in her contract?
  5. Which character had a “depressed vagina”?
  6. What is Cynthia Nixon’s real hair color?
  7. What was the name of Aidan’s dog?
  8. Which character had a chemical peel?
  9. What is Carrie’s favorite brand of shoe?
  10. Which character became “fashion roadkill” on the runway?
  11. Which season had characters breaking the “fourth wall”?
  12. Which two actresses were pregnant in real life during season 5?


  1. John James Preston
  2. Trey MacDougal
  3. Jack Berger
  4. Sarah Jessica Parker
  5. Charlotte
  6. Blonde
  7. Pete
  8. Samantha
  9. Manolo Blanhik
  10. Carrie
  11. The first.
  12. Sarrah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon.

On a personal note, I’ve been known to put a spin on the “Ginger or Maryann” question by asking men who they most prefer of the four main characters. I think I have yet to meet another male who can name even one character. When I ask women who they would most likely bond to as a friend, they almost always choose Samantha. As for me, who would I pick? Miranda – all the way!

In closing, I wish all of my newsletter followers peace and happiness this Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate, including none at all.