Presidential Trivia

For my newsletter this week, for lack of a better idea, I will challenge you with some of my favorite presidential trivia. Scroll down for the answers. Enjoy!


  1. What does the S stand for in Harry S. Truman?
  2. Who was the first president to be born in a hospital?
  3. Which four presidents were assassinated?
  4. Last president to have facial hair while in office?
  5. Who was the only president to be an Eagle Scout?
  6. How many people have been president?
  7. Who was the shortest president?
  8. Who was the tallest president?
  9. Who was the first president to leave the country while in office and where did he go?
  10. Who was the first president to use a telephone and what was his phone number?
  11. Who is the only president to have a PhD?
  12. What is the maiden name of Eleanor Roosevelt?
  13. Which president funded his first political campaign with poker winnings?
  14. Who was the first president to pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving?
  15. Which was the only election to result in an electoral college tie?
  16. Which four state capitols are named after presidents?
  17. Who was the first president to fly in an airplane while in office and where did he go?
  18. Who was the first president to deliver his inauguration speech without a top hat?
  19. Who is the longest living president?
  20. Who served the shortest term as president?


  1. It is just an S. It is said to stand for different people whose names started with S on both his mother’s and father’s side of the family.
  2. Jimmy Carter.
  3. Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, McKinley
  4. William Howard Taft
  5. Gerald Ford
  6. 44. While Trump is our 45 th president, Grover Cleveland is counted twice for serving non- consecutive terms as our 22 nd and 24 th president.
  7. James Madison at 5’4”.
  8. Abraham Lincoln at 6’4”.
  9. Theodore Roosevelt, who traveled to Panama to check on the construction of the Panama Canal.
  10. Rutherford B. Hayes. His phone number was 1.
  11. Woodrow Wilson
  12. Roosevelt. Eleanor and Franklin were fifth cousins, once removed.
  13. Richard Nixon
  14. John F. Kennedy
  15. The 4th presidential election, in 1800, between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. The result was a 73-73 electoral college tie.
  16. Madison Wisconsin, Lincoln Nebraska, Jackson Mississippi, Jefferson City Missouri
  17. Franklin Roosevelt who traveled to the UK to visit Winston Churchill.
  18. John F. Kennedy. That event was said to end the era top hats.
  19. Jimmy Carter, who breaks his own record every day. He is presently 95 years old.
  20. William Henry Harrison, who died 31 days into his presidency.