What if poker-based games were dealt fact up?

What if in an effort to mitigate germs and microbes, casinos start dealing all card games face up? In other words, no more players touching cards. Here is some information about the odds in some poker variants assuming knowledge of all player cards.

Caribbean Stud Poker

According to Advanced Advantage Play (Exhibit CAA) by James Grosjean*, with seven players and optimal strategy, the player advantage is 2.374%. Grosjean provides a non-optimal strategy resulting in a 1.34% player advantage.

Let it Ride

According to Grosjean, at a full table with optimal strategy and knowledge of the burn card, the house still maintains a 2.25% edge.

Three Card Poker

In the table titled Futility of Viewing Neighbors' Cards on page 333, Grosjean says the house edge with 21 known player cards is 2.32%.

Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em

Grosjean does not address knowledge of other players' cards. However, I have seen digital table games where every player card dealt was easily seen. The fact that such games have not been killed by advantage players suggests to me it isn't a viable advantage play. Then again, maybe it's just a well kept secret.

Mississippi Stud

According to Advanced Advantage Play by Eliot Jacobson, with optimal strategy on a six-player face-up game, the player advantage is 2.29%. Discount Gambling gives a practical strategy that results in a player advantage of 0.5% in a six-player game.

High Card Flush

According to Stephen How of Discount Gambling, a full table of seven players, with optimal strategy of all player cards, would have a 7.3% player advantage. In that page, How provides a simple strategy, resulting in a 3.1% player advantage.

* Advanced Advantage Play (Exhibit CAA).

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