Mohegan Sun Las Vegas

Virgin Las Vegas

Last Friday, I paid my first visit to the Virgin Las Vegas, what was formerly the Hard Rock. It had opened the previous day.

I was surprised to find the casino is called the Mohegan Sun and is evidently a separate entity from the hotel, which is under the Virgin brand. The casino doesn't seem any better than it did as the Hard Rock. In fact, I think I liked it better as the Hard Rock. Gone is the center bar with a circle of table games around it. It's now mostly slots with no particular theme. There were entertainers scattered about that received little attention.

Here are some game rules.

Blackjack: On the main casino floor the game was six decks, 3-2, dealer hits soft 17, double after split allowed. No surrender. No re-splitting aces. Mostly $25 minimums. I saw only one table at $15. In the high-limit room they have what I call the "liberal Strip rules": six decks, 3-2, dealer stands on soft 17, double after split allowed, surrender allowed, re-splitting aces allowed. $100 minimum. Kudos for no 6-5 blackjack, but I predict that won't last.

Craps: 3-4-5x odds. They had the Fielder's Choice and Repeater side bets.

Roulette: Main casino floor was all double-zero. High-limit room had single-zero.

Other: The only other two games I noticed were Face Up Pai Gow Poker and Free Bet Blackjack.

Video Poker: Here is a $1 machine I chose randomly on the casino floor:

8-5 Jacks or Better - 97.30%

8-5 Bonus Poker Deluxe - 97.40%

7-5 Bonus Poker - 98.01%

9-6-5 Double Bonus - 97.81%

9-5 Double Double Bonus - 97.87%

20-12-9 Deuces Wild - 97.06%

9-5 Triple Double Bonus - 97.02%

10-4-3-3 Deuces Wild Bonus - 97.36%

I then changed the denom to $0.25 and everything was the same, except the Bonus Poker was 35-6-5 at 97.36%.

I then checked a random game in the high limit room and the pay tables were the same at both $5 and $25 denoms.

Video Keno -- Sorry, I forgot to check.

Sports Betting -- They had a small Betfred outlet, which wasn't open yet. I welcome another "out" in Vegas.

I will say the drinks at the tables were a nice pour served in plastic cups. There were dividers between the slots. This would make it awkward to play side by side with a friend as you can't hear each other well.


Mohegan Sun Las Vegas

Virgin Las Vegas