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Treasure Tree



Treasure Tree is a pull tab game by Realtime Gaming. As I understand, this is Realtime's first pull tab game.

The way it works is there are 20 money bags on the Money Tree — four red, five yellow, and 11 blue. Behind each is a prize. If the player matches three of the same prize within the same color, then he wins that prize. It is possible to win up to three prizes — one from each color.

Prizes can be either relative to the bet amount or free games. In free games, all wins are tripled. The player can earn more free games in free games.

As with any pull tab game, the interface is just for show and the player's win is predestined from the beginning. The way I assume it works is the player's win is determined first and then the game chooses any prizes on the Money Tree to correspond to that win. It probably does this three times, once for each color group. As far as I know, neither Realtime nor any casino publishes the return of this game, so you're on your own in terms of the odds.

Pull tab games have previously been the domain of more economy software companies, so it is nice to see a high quality option, like this, from Realtime. If you're a slot player who likes to gamble without thinking, Treasure Tree might be a nice change. However, if want to want your money to last longer, I would recommend any game of skill, and then play it properly.