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Penalty Shootout


Penalty Shootout is a game found at Internet casinos using Playtech software. The game can be found under the Arcade Games menu.


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There are five bets available on where to kick a soccer ball into the goal. Each has a probability of winning commensure with about a 97% return.


The following table shows the probability of winning and return for all five bets.


Penalty Shootout

Bet Probability Pays Return
Lower left 0.323 3 0.969
Upper left 0.081 12 0.972
Top 0.192 5 0.96
Upper right 0.081 12 0.972
Lower right 0.323 3 0.969



I was hired by Playtech to help design all of their Arcade Games. I was given permission by Playtech to publish this analysis.