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No Bust 21


No Bust 21 is a blackjack variation I have seen at the Sahara and Hard Rock casinos in Las Vegas. The game is characterized by two rules (1) the player may still push even if he busts, and (2) two joker per deck immediately make any hand 21 points. There are also similar "no bust" blackjack games played in Los Angeles county.

Playing rules


  1. The rules are the same as conventional blackjack except as noted below.
  2. Six 54-card decks are used. Each deck contains two jokers.
  3. If both the player and dealer bust, and the player is closer to 21 the bet shall push. If the dealer is closer or equal the bet shall lose.
  4. Two jokers are a "natural", which is the highest possible hand. A player winning natural shall pay 2 to 1. A natural tie is a push.
  5. Any hand (player or dealer) with one joker is automatically 21 points.
  6. An ace and a 10 is 21 points, equal to any other 21-point hand.
  7. If the dealer's up card is a joker the player must stand.
  8. The dealer will never peek at his hole card. If the dealer's hole card is a joker double down and split bets still have action.
  9. The dealer shall hit a soft 17.
  10. Player may double down on any initial two-card hand.
  11. Double after split is allowed.
  12. The player may surrender any two-card hand, except if the dealer has a joker up.
  13. Player may not resplit or draw to split aces.



The following table shows how to play any hand, based on a six-deck game. The player's hand is along the left column and the dealer's up card is along the top row.



House Edge

The following table shows the house edge according to the number of decks.


No Bust 21 House Edge

Decks House
1 1.71%
2 1.82%
4 1.88%
6 1.89%
8 1.89%
¥ 1.91%