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Frenzy Disks -- Twin Numbers


Frenzy Disks (Twin Numbers) is a roulette variation by Red Rake Gaming. Two concentric wheels have 10 numbers and one balls each. The player and game each pick one number and the player wins according to whether the balls land in these numbers.


  1. The game features two concentric roulette wheels. Each wheel contains the numbers 0 to 9.
  2. After making a bet, the player shall pick one number, for the outer disk.
  3. The game shall picks one number randomly for the inner disk.
  4. The game releases two balls, one for the inner and one for the outer disk.
  5. If at least one ball lands in the chosen number, the player wins, according to the pay table below.

Following is the pay table. Wins are on a "for one" basis.

Pay Table

Event Pays
Both discs win with same number 400
Both discs win with different number 15
Outer disc wins 3
Innter disc wins 2


The following table shows the win, number of combinations, probability, and contribution to the return for all possible outcomes. The lower right cell shows an expected return of 98.5%. In other words, a house edge of 1.5%.

Return Table

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Both discs win with same number 400 1 0.001 0.400
Both discs win with different number 15 9 0.009 0.135
Outer disc wins 3 90 0.090 0.270
Innter disc wins 2 90 0.090 0.180
Loser 0 810 0.810 0.000
Total   1000 1.000 0.985

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