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Dogs 3D


Dogs 3D is a simulated dog racing game by InBet Gaming. The concept is pretty simple -- six dogs in a dog race. The player may make win, place, show, and exacta bets. Here is a refresher on what these bets means:

  • Win — Selected dog finishes first
  • Place — Selected dog finishes first or second
  • Show — Selected dog finishes first, second, or third
  • Exacta — Selected two dogs finish first and second, in the specified order

After betting closes, the race occurs, and then bets are resolved.


  1. Six dogs shall compete per race.
  2. Every race, different odds are posted for win, place, show, and exacta bets.
  3. After betting closes, the simulated race occurs.
  4. Bets are resolved according to the result of the race.

The following screenshot is of a sample race. Click on it for a larger image.

dogs 3d pay table


Assuming the player made every bet, in inverse proportion to the odds, to guarantee the same "win" regardless of the outcome of the race, I show the following returns:

  • Win, place and show bets: 92.2%.
  • Exacta bets: 90.7%.


The following video is of a typical race.

Tron Race

InBet offers a skin of Dogs 3D, called Tron Race. It is based on a race of six digitized race cars, based on the movie. For win, place, and show bets I get the same average return of 92.2%. For exacta bets I get a return of 92.3%, which is a little higher than Dogs 3D. It may be that the cap on wins of 100 affects the average return of Exacta bets.


InBet offers a very similar game, based on an eight-person bike race, titled Velodrome. After all the math, I show a return of 92.0% on win, place, and show bets and 80.0% on exacta bets, which are capped at a win of 100 for 1.