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Dead or Alive Saloon


Dead or Alive Saloon is a simple card game by Evolution Gaming, a supplier of live dealer games for Internet casinos.

dead or alive 1


  1. The game consists of a special 104-card deck consisting of the following cards:
    • All 52 cards in a standard deck of cards.
    • 20 cards labeled 20x
    • 19 cards labeled 30x
    • 3 cards labeled 50x
    • 1 card labeled 100x
    • 6 cards labeled Bounty
    • 3 cards labeled Double
  2. Play begins by the player betting on any of the standard 52 cards. The player may bet on as many cards as he wishes.
  3. After betting is closed, the dealer will deal cards from the shoe until a regular playing card is dealt.
  4. The Potential Win shall start at 20.
  5. If the dealer deals a Multiplier Card (20x, 30x, 50x, 100x), the value of that multiplier shall be added to the Potential Win.
  6. If the dealer deals a Bounty card, the game shall go to a different screen, with the player choosing from one of three face down cards. After the choice is made, the three cards shall be revealed, each showing a multiplier. The value of the chosen multiplier shall be added to the Potential Win.
  7. If the dealer deals a Double card, then the Potential Win to that point shall be doubled. Note that the Double card will not double future wins.
  8. When the dealer eventually deals a regular card, bets on that number shall pay the Potential Win.
  9. Win are on a "for one" basis.
dead or alive 2


The game rules do not state much about the possible Bounty Cards. The example shown above shows three values of 10, 50, and 100. However, I believe there are other possibilities. Evolution does kindly disclose the return to player (RTP) for the overall game is 97.02%. To get to this average, I assume an average Bounty win of 41.2.

It's easy to see the probability of winning is 1 in 52, because there can be one winning card only. When a bet does win, the average win is 49.48 for 1.

I find the standard deviation to be about 9.71, based on an educated guess of the possible wins for the Bounty cards.

dead or alive 3