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Cash Blox


Cash Blox is a game based on the arcade game Tetris. However, there is no skill element. The player is paid according to how many rows he forms from randomly falling pieces. Cash Blox can be found in the menu of "arcade games" by Playtech software.


  1. The game is played on a field with 10 columns and 15 rows.
  2. One bet pays for an entire game.
  3. Tetrominoes randomly fall from the top and drop down. It appears to me that the pieces are chosen randomly and fall from a random orientation and position. I emphasize, this is not a skill game!
  4. If a row is ever solidly covered in all 10 columns, then the player will be paid according to the number of consecutive rows that are completed at the same time and how many times that event has already happened. See the pay table below for the specific wins.
  5. The game is over when there is not room for a piece in its entirety on the screen. When that happens, any part of that last piece that is visible will still count towards any score.
  6. Occasionally, a pentomino in blinking rainbow colors will fall. If any part of it is part of a completed row, then the player will win a free game bonus.
  7. In the free spin bonus the player will get ten free games. All wins in free games are doubled. The bonus may be re-triggered in the bonus.

The following table shows what each completed row pays, according to how many consecutive rows are completed at the same time and how many times it has happened. I assume that there is no additional win for an event happening past the fourth time. For example, if the player completed two consecutive rows simultaneously, and it was the third time it happened, then the player would win 4x his bet amount.

Pay Table

Number One
Fourth 10 20 300 4000
Third 2 4 30 400
Second 0.4 0.8 6 40
First 0.1 0.2 1 4


The game rules don't state the probability of a rainbow pentomino falling, so I have no way to analyze the game. All I can say is that Playtech tends to pay back about 97% on its other Arcade games.

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