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Do you suspect you've been cheated by a casino, either online or land-based? Not just bad luck, but results so far from expectations that either foul play was involved or you had approximately one in a million bad luck. If you feel strongly you've been cheated or the victim of software that didn't play fairly and have evidence to argue your case, we welcome you to submit it here. In doing so, you grant us permission to publish the complaint. In return, if we feel you've made a good case, we'll evaluate the evidence. If we feel there is significant evidence of an unfair game, we will endeavor to independently replicate your results, before making any formal accusations.

What we would like to see as evidence is something summarized. For example, in 500 hands of blackjack, the dealer got 50 blackjacks and you got only 10. We welcome you to attach log files as evidence. However, please do not just give us a log file and ask us to "analyze it". You may leave the math to us, but it is up to you to make a strong opening argument with a numbers, not adjectives. To be honest, we believe that if the casino is releasing log files, it is a very good sign they have nothing to hide and are playing fair. If you can't get a log file, please submit your own records or data.

Since 1997, the Wizard has kept both online and land casinos honest by exposing unfair play wherever we can find it. We invite you to read our blacklist of casinos and software providers we have exposed for unfair play practices. In the interest of continuing our mission to keep the gaming business honest, we invite you to make your claims here.