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Interview of Joseph Del Duca from Chumba Social Casino


Interview of Joseph Del Duca from Chumba Social Casino

Following is my interview of Joseph Del Duca with the Chumba Casino and Global Poker.

Mike: For those who don't know, can you explain the concept of social casinos from the player point of view?

Joseph: Thanks, let me start by saying I am a big fan of your site and have been for many years. I am looking forward to having a chat with you and your readers about Chumba Casino.

A social casino is a place where you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of playing on a regular casino site without risking any money. The name social casino derives from the fact that many social casino sites like ours are accessed from social media platforms like Facebook. Whilst that is true for Chumba Casino, you can also head directly to our website www.chumbacasino.com to join in the fun.

Mike: There are many choices in the social casino space. What sets Chumba Casino apart from your competitors?

Joseph: There are many things that set Chumba Casino apart from the competition. If I were to focus on two I would say it is the diverse and unique games that we offer. Not only do we have table games like blackjack and video poker games like Jacks or Better but we have our own unique range of slot games created by and exclusively for Chumba Casino.

We get feedback from our customers that other social casinos all offer the same or similar games but with Chumba Casino we have our own unique games that are unavailable on any other site. These range from three wheel games to games with big jackpots. There is something for everyone. The other thing that sets us apart from our competitors would be the sweepstakes that we run with our promotional currency, $weeps Cash. With this players have the ability to win prizes which can be redeemed for real cash!

Mike: Your YouTube video mentions Gold Coins and Sweeps Cash. Can you explain what they are and how the program works?

Joseph: On Chumba Casino there are two different types of currencies that players use. Our first currency is known as Gold Coins. This is the main currency on Chumba Casino. When players set up an account they automatically have 2 million Gold Coins which they can use to try our exciting range of games. If players want to keep playing with Gold Coins after that they are welcome to purchase some more. We have a wide range of purchase packages to suit players needs. An important thing to remember though is that our Gold Coins have no monetary value and are only to be used to enjoy playing the games on Chumba Casino. Regardless of how many Gold Coins a player has purchased or has won, Gold Coins have no value outside of Chumba Casino and can never be cashed out.

The second currency on Chumba Casino is our promotional sweepstakes currency, $weeps Cash, which players are given free as a bonus when purchasing Gold Coins. $weeps Cash is for use in our $weeps Cash games. $weeps Cash cannot be purchased and can always be obtained free of charge. Upon setting up an account, players are given SC$2 to try our $weeps Cash games along with their initial Gold Coins. In addition to receiving $weeps Cash as a Gold Coin purchase bonus, players can obtain more $weeps Cash using “alternate methods of entry” such as our countless Social Media competitions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by writing in and requesting $weeps Cash. Whilst players cannot purchase $weeps Cash any prizes that players win from our $weeps Cash games can be redeemed for real cash.

Mike: What do you offer players who are nervous about making a deposit and wish to play for free?

Joseph: As mentioned, there is no purchase necessary to enjoy Chumba Casino's unique range of games. Players are given Gold Coins and $weeps Cash for free to try our games out!

Mike: What do you offer to your depositing players?

Joseph: There is no way to deposit money on Chumba Casino, so this question doesn't really apply to us. Players can purchase Gold Coins to play the Gold Coin games available on Chumba Casino.

We sometimes give away $weeps Cash as a bonus with our Gold Coin purchases which can be used to take part in our $weeps Cash games. We also often run promotions where players can receive bonus Gold Coin and $weeps Cash if they make a purchase at a certain time.

Mike: What kind of bonuses or promotions do you like to offer?

Joseph: As mentioned there is a range of bonuses players can receive when purchasing Gold Coins. We also run a host of competitions on Social Media where players can take part in fun competitions to pick up some $weeps Cash.

Mike: Is Chumba Casino legal in the U.S.?

Joseph: Yes.

Thanks very much for your time Mike, it was a pleasure talking with you and we look forward to welcoming players from your great site over to Chumba Casino!