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  1. The game is played on a video screen. There are 15 positions in a matrix of 5 columns and 3 rows.
  2. After making a bet the player will get five cards from a 52-card deck (except for decks that include jokers) on the middle row.
  3. The player may keep and discard as he wishes, as in regular video poker.
  4. Any cards the player holds will be replicated on the top and bottom row as well, in the same column.
  5. After the player presses the "deal" button the empty squares will be filled in from the remaining 47 cards in the deck. No card in the will appear more than once in the draw.
  6. The player will be paid according to the poker value of each active payline.


The odds and strategy are exactly the same as convention video poker for the same game and pay table.

Standard Deviation

The following table shows the standard deviation in 9/6 Jacks or Better, per hand on the draw in both spin poker and mutli-play video poker, based on a random simulation of 194,010,000 dealt hands. By "per hand," I mean hand after the draw.

To get the standard deviation per hand on the deal, divide by the square root of the number of hands on the draw. This would be the standard deviation relative to the a single bet across all hands.

Standard Deviation

Lines/Plays Spin Poker Multi-Play
1 4.42 4.42
2 4.64 4.63
3 4.82 4.84
4 5.40 5.04
5 5.90 5.23
6 6.25 5.42
7 6.55 5.60
8 6.89 5.77
9 7.28 5.94

Example: Consider 9-play Spin Poker on a $1 game, playing $5 per hand.

The standard deviation per hand per hand on the draw would be $5×7.28 = $36.40.

The standard deviation of a 9 hands would be sqr(9)×$36.40 = $109.20.

The standard deviation, relative to the $45 total bet amount, would be 7.28/sqr(9) = 2.43.

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