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Slot Machine Return Percentages for Henderson/Lake Mead Casinos

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Henderson/Lake Mead Nickel Slot Return Percentages

The following table ranks the casinos of Henderson according to the looseness of their video display reeled nickel slot machines. Henderson spans a large area just south and east of Las Vegas. All the casinos listed are within Henderson except the Hacienda, which according to my map is in the Lake Mead Recreation Area. An explanation of the methodology of this survey can be found in Appendix 3A ranking the Las Vegas casinos.

Henderson/Lake Mead 5 cent machines

Rank Casino Average
1 Rainbow Club 92.97%
2 El Dorado 92.56%
3 Sunset Station 91.33%
4 Hyatt Regency - Lake Las Vegas 91.14%
5 Green Valley Ranch 91.11%
6 Railroad Pass 89.90%

Excluded Casinos

Voluntary exclusion: The Fiesta Henderson did not allow my associate to take notes while playing their slots. I can not include any casino that is not cooperative with the survey. I will honor any requests for exclusion.

Insufficient sample: The Hacienda only had one kind of machine that I test for, which I consider to be too small a sample. Based on the one game they did have the return was 93.50%.


I would like to thank Par Sheet Pete (not his real name) for providing the par sheets, without which this project would not have been possible. I would also like to thank Rob Feldheim for his help collecting data.

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