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Simple Pai Gow Strategy

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Play the first rule that applies.

One Way Only

If there is one play that is obviously the best, which will happen about 38% of the time, then play it. This happens when one play is superior to both alternatives in both the high and low.


Split pairs as follows:
  • Gee Joon — Split only with 6-4, 6-5, 6-6.
  • Pair of 2's or 12's — Split only with 9-11, or to make 6-8 or better.
  • Pair of 5's — Split to make 7/7.
  • Pair of 6's — Split to make 7/8 or better.
  • Pair of 7's — Split to make 7/7 or better.
  • Pair of 8's — Split to make 8/8 or better, and with 9-11.
  • Pair of 9's — Split to make 9/9 or better.
  • Pair of 4's, 10's, 11's — Never split.

Wong, Gong, and High-9

  • If you have both high-2 and low-2, play the best high hand.
  • Play the best low hand if it is worth 6 or 7 points and the tiles include a low-2 and/or high-8.
  • Play Wong or Gong instead of High Nine if the fourth tile is a 4 or 5.
  • Play High Nine, Gong, or Wong, in that order of preference.

All Others

  • Play the best low hand if it is worth 5, 6, or 7 points.
  • Play the best low hand if the best high hand is worth 5 points or less.
  • Play the best low hand if the best high hand is worth 6 points, but its high tile ranks lower than a high-6.
  • Play the best high hand with all other combinations.

House Edge

House edge banking = 0.0694%.
House edge not banking = 1.8828%.
Combined average = 0.9761%.

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This strategy was created by "JB."

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