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Reason #1 why the Wizard likes Bovada: Excellent customer support

The thing that separates Bovada from the rest is its customer support. Many other online gaming companies outsource their support. It can be difficult getting a response from them, and if you do it is often slow and handled by somebody with little understanding of gambling or even of English. But Bovada's support is handled by Bovada, and their support staff is actually knowledgeable and helpful.

I'm so confident that you'll have a good experience with Bovada that if you have a problem getting paid and you can't resolve it with them on your own, I'll talk to them myself. I personally have known the Bovada management for about three years and always found them to be professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have also personally visited one of their call centers so I could see first-hand how they handle customer issues. (More on my mediation service.)

If you have a problem with any other casino besides Bovada, I can't help you. I get complaints from players of other online casinos every day who have difficulty getting paid. However that isn't my job nor my problem. If you play at Bovada after clicking through my site I'll stand behind you 100%. Any place else and you're on your own.

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Diamond Roulette

Diamond Roulette is a roulette variant, which made its debut in Atlantic City in November, 2008. The game plays like conventional roulette, except the numbers 1 to 36 are colored red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and black, six numbers per color. A bet on an individual color pays 5 to 1, for a house edge of 5.26% in double-zero roulette, and 2.78% in single-zero.

In double-zero roulette, six bets are available on a combination of any one color and the two zeros. These bets pay 3 to 1, for a house edge of 15.79%. In double-zero roulette these bets pay on a combination of one color and the single zero. Under single-zero rules, these bets pay 4 to 1, for a house edge of 5.41%.

All the other bets normally found in roulette are also available, except the traditional even money red and black bets.

The version in Atlantic City is on a double-zero wheel. As with convention double-zero roulette in Atlantic City, even money bets only lose half if the balls lands in either zero.

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