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Last Updated: September 15, 2021

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On Air Entertainment Review


On Air Entertainment was established in December of 2020, and soon after they joined the Microgaming platform as yet another dedicated gaming studio. With the exception that On Air is set to deliver live gaming products instead of normal online casino games. The company operates from Malta, with studios in the Baltic countries of Latvia and Estonia. Rapid expansion will no doubt lead the company to other countries too, with a variety of live hosts already available for different audiences.

Simple, fast, effective, customisable and world-leading content are the buzzwords used to describe the gaming experience provided by this company. On Air Entertainment is poised to reveal their lineup of live casino games in 2022, seeking to revolutionise this field of casino gaming much in the same way the smaller Microgaming studios have done with online slots so far. Stay tuned for something new and exciting!

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