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Last Updated: January 9, 2021

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HungryBear Gaming Online Casinos


HungryBear Games is an online casino game supplier that's based in both the United Kingdom and Canada. It serves as a designer of both video slots and table games. The founders of the group started the firm CORE Gaming and moved onto their new venture in 2020. Thus far the company has established a foothold in Canada, as they're fully certified by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, which uses the group's games. 

HungryBear puts out their games in HTML5, ensuring high compatibility among a slew of different devices. Moving forward, HungryBear has announced several more games and its likely that we'll see them continue to expand in regulated markets.

HungryBear Gaming Casinos

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All I know about Hungry Bear's blackjack game is from this thumbnail and it's RTP (Return to Player) of 98.94%. This equates to a house edge of 1.06%, which is very bad for blackjack. I look forward to seeing the exact rules to embarrass them further for how stingy they are. The house edge in blackjack normally is about 0.5%.


Bar King Deluxe

Blazing Trails

Moose Vamoose

Plum Royale with Cheese

Tablet of Anum Ra

All I know about Hungry Bear slots are these images from the corporate web site and the returns, which they nicely provide, as follows.

  • Bar King Deluxe — 95.00%
  • The Tablet of Anum Ra — 94.00%
  • Moose Vamoose — 94.00%
  • Plum Royale with Cheese — 94.87%
  • Blazing Trails — 94.86%

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