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Last Updated: October 1, 2020

Joe Biden Trivia

Joe Biden

In honor of the upcoming US presidential election, I will devote the next two newsletters to trivia about the two major party candidates. We will start with Joe Biden. I promise that next week I will attempt to give fair and equal treatment to Donald Trump.

  1. What is Joe Biden’s full name?
  2. What sport did Biden play in both high school and college?
  3. Where did Biden go to college as an undergraduate and what did he major in?
  4. Out of 688 in Biden’s graduating class, what was Biden’s ranking?
  5. Biden escaped being drafted into the Vietnam War for what reason?
  6. Biden later went into graduate school. Where did he go and what degree what did he earn?
  7. In 1973, Biden became a US senator, representing Delaware. How old was he at the time?
  8. How many children does Biden have?
  9. In 1988, Biden required emergency surgery, twice, for what reason?
  10. How did Biden vote in the 2002 vote on authorizing military force against Iraq?
  11. How many times has Biden run for president in the primaries and in what years?
  12. Since 1970, Biden has run for public office ten times. How many times did he win?


  1. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
  2. Football. He played baseball too in high school.
  3. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware in history and political science.
  4. 506th.
  5. He suffered from asthma.
  6. He earned a law degree from the Syracuse University College of Law.
  7. 30, the minimum age to be a US senator.
  8. Four. Three from his first wife, Neilia Hunter – Joseph “Beau”, Robert Hunter, and Naomi, and one from second wife, Ashley.
  9. Brain aneurisms.
  10. In favor.
  11. Three times – 1988, 2008, and 2020.
  12. All ten.

In closing, I would like to repeat that I have attempted to keep these questions and answers fair and unbiased. I will attempt to do the same next week with Donald Trump trivia. I make no public endorsement, as the Wizard, of either candidate.

Source for all questions and answers: Wikipedia