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Last Updated: November 5, 2020

Lost Camera of 2016

I am writing this newsletter on Tuesday morning, election day. Hopefully, by the time you get it, we’ll know who the winner is. Hopefully, we will not be waiting on Pennsylvania to decide the whole thing. Hopefully, we won’t see sore losers causing trouble. For now, may it be a fair election and all ballots counted.

On another topic, in 2016 I went on a three-week family road trip through eight western states. Towards the end, in Lake Tahoe, I lost my camera full of pictures and videos from the trip. Then, about a month ago, somebody reached out to me on Facebook who found my camera and downloaded the pictures from the memory card. The miraculous thing is that he was able to track me down. This is mainly because (1) I have an uncommon name, (2) If you search on my name, it’s not hard to find me, and (3) I mentioned my name in just one of many videos, where I introduce myself.

I tell the story in more detail and share some pictures and videos from the trip in a new video I just posted to my personal YouTube channel:

For the rest of this newsletter, here are some pictures of me from that trip.

Gates of Lodore in Colorado - me and the guide

This is me with one of the guides on a rafting trip through the Gates of Lodore in Colorado.

Flaming Gorge Dam - Utah

Flaming Gorge Dam, Utah.


I love “welcome to” signs!

Jackson Hole - Wyoming

I have never understood the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Grand Tetons

Juggling in the Grand Tetons.

Yellowstone National Park

I hadn’t been to Yellowstone since I was a kid.

Yellowstone - hot pool

One of numerous hot pools in Yellowstone, although this one was especially colorful.

Old Faithful

One of numerous geysers. I don’t know why Old Faithful gets all the attention as there are so many.

Old Faithful - Geyser

Nevertheless, you can’t go to Yellowstone and not pay your respects to Old Faithful. There is video of erupting in my video mentioned earlier.

I will stop this newsletter here, lest the file size get too big. Stay tuned for part two, probably next week.