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Last Updated: July 20, 2023

LDS Trivia (part 2)

In this week’s newsletter we celebrate Pioneer Day four days early. In 2023, it is celebrated on July 24. It is the day we remember the LDS pioneers who made their way west to Salt Lake City in the 19th century as well as all things Mormon. You may remember we celebrated last year with a trivia challenge in the July 21, 2022 newsletter. Today we serve up some more LDS trivia to help celebrate Pioneer Day 2023!

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  1. 1. Where was the first temple built?
  2. 2. Where was the second temple built?
  3. 3. What two terms can be used to refer to the leader of the LDS church?
  4. 4. Which temple in Utah was the first to be completed?
  5. 5. In which book of scripture contains the section “The Articles of Faith.”
  6. 6. Where was the first temple built outside the US?
  7. 7. What is the minimum age for baptizing children in the LDS church?
  8. 8. In which book is the section titled “Word of Wisdom”?
  9. 9. The Word of Wisdom says to avoid what three things to stay healthy?
  10. 10. Which LDS member was a Superbowl winning quarterback?
  11. 11. Approximately when did Nephi leave Jerusalem to the “Promised Land” of the Americas?
  12. 12. What is the subtitle to the Book of Mormon?
Perfect Love
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  1. 1. Kirkland OH
  2. 2. Nauvoo IL
  3. 3. President and Prophet
  4. 4. St. George (While the SLC temple started first, in 1853, it took 40 years to complete. Meanwhile, the St. George temple was completed in 1877)
  5. 5. Pearl of Great Price
  6. 6. Cardston, Alberta, Canada
  7. 7. Eight
  8. 8. Doctrine and Covenants
  9. 9. Coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.
  10. 10. Steve Young
  11. 11. 600 BC
  12. 12. Another Testament of Jesus Christ
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