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Last Updated: August 27, 2020

Canadian Trivia

As the global pandemic lingers one, I continue to be mostly stuck at home with little new to write about. At such times, for lack of a better idea, I like to turn to trivia. This is one of those times. The topic for this week’s trivia shall be our friendly neighbor to the north – Canada!


  1. What is the origin of the word Canada and what does it mean?
  2. What are the $1 and $2 coins called?
  3. Who is the head of state of Canada?
  4. Which province is Anne of Green Gables from?
  5. What is Canada’s latest territory, added in 1999?
  6. Which is the only Great Lake not partially in Canada?
  7. What rank is Canada in terms of geographic size?
  8. If it were midnight in Toronto, what time would it be in Newfoundland?
  9. What part of Canada currently has license plates in the shape of a polar bear?
  10. Which three oceans border Canada?
  11. What are the national languages of Canada?
  12. What is the oldest walled city of Canada?
  13. What are the two national sports of Canada?
  14. What is the largest shopping center in North America?
  15. Where is the world’s largest skating rink?
  16. Where is the oldest casino in Canada?


  1. The word “Canada” likely comes from the Huron-Iroquois word “Kanata,” meaning village or settlement. (source:
  2. The $1 coin is a Looney (because it features a loon on the back) and the Toonie (because it is worth $2).
  3. Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. Prince Edward Island.
  5. Nunavut.
  6. Lake Michigan.
  7. Second.
  8. 1:30 AM.
  9. Northwest Territories. (Note: Nunavut used to, but went to the standard 6” x 12” shape).
  10. Pacific, Atlantic, and Artic
  11. English and French.
  12. Quebec City.
  13. Hockey and Lacrosse.
  14. West Edmonton Mall.
  15. The Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa.
  16. Diamond Tooth Gerties in Dawson City Yukon.