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Last Updated: December 16, 2018

iWallet Casinos


iWallet is one of the more exclusive online payment providers in the Asian online casino market. The company acts as a payment intermediary not just for players looking to deposit funds at their favorite online gaming site, but also for regular customers looking to shop at thousands of internet retail stores.

Essentially, you will receive a iWallet prepaid card that you can load money on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is NOT a credit card; therefore, you can take solace knowing you can only load whatever amount that you personally feel comfortable spending at any one time.

They have very low fees compared to other e-wallets and prepaid cards, and you will be able to access your money from most ATM’s. Customers can also exchange currencies in real-time, as iWallet has over a half-dozen currencies available depending on which country you’re based out of.

The group has dozens of employees and have their own proprietary system that processes thousands of transactions a month. All of your personal transactions are easily accessible in their system at all times, with iWallet claiming 100% transparency when it comes to their customers’ money.

IWallet’s Presence in Asia

Their primary offices are located in Hong Kong; however, they also have employees based in Europe and in the Philippines. Ironically, despite having their headquarters in Hong Kong, they don’t facilitate transactions for their own residents nor do they accept business from the United States.

Currently, the brand is growing exponentially due to their rising influence as a payment processor for some of the most popular online casinos in Asia. While their target markets are Japan, Malaysia and China, the company is fully regulated to conduct business in international hubs like the United Kingdom and in many other countries around the globe.

Getting an Account

The most valuable reason to open an account in the first place has to be the anonymity that their service provides. Since they are used in large part by normal consumers and quite a few corporations, it ensures that all the data you provide stays anonymous and isn’t placed in a storage that can be compromised.

The account opening process takes just a few minutes, with all customers simply needing to answer a few questions and inputting which bank account or credit card you would like to fund your account with. You can load as little as $10 on your prepaid card or as much as your bank account or credit card will allow you to.

Visit their official website at for more details. You can also access customer service information on their website, as well as get their phone number if you’d like to talk to an actual representative about your account.

Depositing at an Online Casinos

Since it is one of the preferred payment options for many of the top online casino brands in Asia and abroad, you will be able to easily load your player account once you’re fully registered and logged in to whatever casino you choose to play at.

Remember, since this is a prepaid card you will NEVER have to worry about your deposit being declined. Some gambling sites will deny basic credit cards like Visa or MasterCard, even if you live in a country where online gambling is completely legal. The chances of this happening with an iWallet account is 0%!

Once you’ve logged into your player account, simply do the following to deposit:

  • Access the Cashier in the backend.
  • Select the iWallet logo under the list of deposit options.
  • Input your account information and the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Your funds should be in your player account in a matter of minutes.

From there you will be able to fire up your favorite casino games or slots and play for real money right away. There are never any fees to deposit at any online casino, poker room or sportsbook when you use iWallet. The only fees you pay are small transaction fees when you fund your iWallet account from your primary banking source.

Withdrawing Funds

The process of withdrawing your funds through your iWallet account is just as painless as when you deposit. Its fast, easy and you’re never required to pay any withdrawal fees.

Your winnings will be moved to your iWallet prepaid within 2 to 3 business days, and from there you can withdraw those funds back to your bank account from your iWallet account. You can also withdraw your money using your prepaid card at any ATM worldwide if you’re looking to get your hands on your cash right away.

The Bottom Line

Overall, iWallet is one of the more reputable gaming wallets you can use today if you’re looking to play online casino games or maybe even bet sports. The company is a rising star in the payment processing world and they have attractive fee rates that keep customers happy and loyal. They also provide 100% anonymity when it comes to your financial data and personal information, as well as access to millions of ATM’s that you can use your iWallet prepaid card at.

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