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Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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Banking and financial institutions have been rendered a thing of the past, especially since the newest online-based services came to exist. Entire establishments of their kind operate fully online, without any physical presence or offices, while others tend to focus on providing one or a selection of the services and specialize in them.

As a result...

...people nowadays can get in touch with all kinds of institutions far more easily and thus meet their specific needs and preferences. In relation to the types of service providers mentioned above, a portion of their client base are interested in a one-for-all solution package. This means that they would rather go through the selection process once, and pick the best banking business for all their needs – personal finances, possibly corporate accounts, loans, mortgages, savings plans or retirement policies among others.


On the other hand...

...there are those who would like to get the best choice for each of their needs. Online banking, per say, is one of the key priorities to clients nowadays, and while most banks include it in their products offering, a small selection of them invest in greater functionality, more device compatibility or certain benefits for users.

All in all, the finance industry has developed greatly over the years, with some names distinguishing themselves above others. One such major player in banking is Nordea.

About the Bank

In modern times, Nordea is known as one of 10 largest and most successful financial services in the European marketplace. What started off as a banking group about 200 years ago, nowadays caters to over 10 million households in personal banking services solely.

Back in the 1990s...

...the institution shortly split between four banks, each in one of the countries of the Nordic region – Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The resulting banks were Nordbanken, Merita Bank, Unibank and Christiana Bank, respectively in each of the afore-listed countries. Shortly after this break, however, they realized the potential they would form as a single union, and by the turn of the century in 2001, the banking group Nordea was born.


...Nordea offers all kinds of services to their clients, starting from personal banking, through small and medium business corporate finances, wholesale banking and asset and finances management. In progression, each of these segments has further extended their product offering, as well as external collaboration with other merchants, companies and businesses.


...based on recent stats from 2017, the banking group boasts of an overall operative income amounting to EUR 9.5 billion, i.e. EUR 581.6 billion in total cash worth. It has even been listed as one of few financial services that have obtained the high AA rating, and is nowadays traded on the stock markets in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The personal banking segment... normally the basic starting point for any such business, even though banking groups such as Nordea are ultimately poised to cover a much wider customer base range. Individual customers with a combination of needs and preferences make up their target audience, which is why the department is constantly looking to keep up with the latest trends.

Online banking...

...and its more recent mobile banking option are among the top demands in today’s modern way of life. People find it most convenient to be able to access and preview to their funds and manage their accounts remotely. By partnering with all kinds of merchants, e-commerce platforms and additional online services, their whole clientele could make use of this access point. All they practically needed to do was select their desired transaction operation and input the amount, based on their purchase or payment needs, and simply confirm it for the specific merchant.

such online payments

In order to...

...perform such online payments and other money transfers, Nordea primarily made sure that all funds and user information would be safe and secure. This has been achieved through a range of solutions and mechanisms, but it mostly comes down to their partnership with the existing e-wallet company Skrill.

The best thing about Skrill... that the company was already up and running by the time the banking group decided to partner up with them. It has an established presence in countries all over the world and operates as a fully functional online finance storage and transfer solution. Anyone looking to perform an online payment transaction can simply create an account and fund it with the many diverse banking options.

As a result, people have already been familiarized with the service by the time they made partners with Nordea. And considering that it is solely used for the actual process of transferring funds, all you need to know is that your money and information are protected and conveyed securely to the target merchant.

Speaking of security... is evident that this banking group pays great attention to this aspect of their service. Thus, another highlight in this regard is the added factor of authentication to their regular online banking platform. In other words, every account holder is entitled to choose their username and password in order to safely access their funds via the online service.

However... order to maximize security, users are additionally supposed to use the one-time security code sent to their mobile phone. The code will be provided either as an SMS or as a push notification. Either way, users are supposed to input it as soon as possible after it has been generated; otherwise, they would need to authorise their access with a different one.

Nordea as an Online Casino Banking Method

Despite having over 600 office branches set up in about 20 countries, Northern Europe countries make up the bulk of their client pool. On the one hand, residents of this region make use and benefit from the range of perks for private clientele. On the other, businesses of all kinds are looking to incorporate the bank’s payment solution to their online websites.

Considering that most of their Scandinavian-based customers hold a bank account with the given institution, it is only natural that they should try and capitalize on it.

Top Danish and Swedish online casino operators, as well as those catering to Norwegian and Finnish player pools are bound to include Nordea in their banking sections. Nevertheless, more and more international sites seem to be joining in, both to encourage use of the payment services beyond country borders, and to provide the best one for the existing player base.

Making Online Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

The massive pool of account holders suggests that the Nordea online banking solution has already reached to a greater portion of the target group. Hence, people interested in playing online casino games at their respective platforms have most likely used the online remote platform to perform any kind of payment – taxes, utilities, shopping, transfers and the likes.


...considering that the risk factor is already sufficiently present across the game selection – as it should, most players seek to eliminate any further obstacles on their way to hitting a win. Therefore, the best thing to do is to learn the process flawlessly and leave nothing to circumstances.

Step 1: Considering you are a player residing in one of the aforementioned Nordic countries, finding a Nordea online casino shouldn’t be too much work. These platforms have identified the widespread use and popularity of this banking establishment, and largely benefited from it due to the increasing number of players drawn in by the simplicity of their online banking process.

Step 2: Once you have made your choice of casino sites, make sure you register or sign in with your existing account. Most of these top-rated platforms have intuitive layouts that make site navigation extremely easy. Hence, all you need to do is find your way to the banking section and choose Nordea, or internet banking as your deposit method.

Step 3: The click will open a new window that directs players straight to their regular online banking platform. For mobile casino players, the mobile banking option would be additionally available when making your deposit transaction. All you have to do now is access your account through the familiar credentials, as well as the one-time code authorization. Just specify the exact amount you would like to deposit into the player account and confirm.

The rest of the transaction is performed in a matter of seconds, with the Skrill e-wallet working on the backend of the operation. Along with the security protocols of the Nordea online system, they ensure safe and speedy transfer. Players should see the funds credited to their player account soon afterwards, and use them freely on any title from the casino game library.

Players at top casino sites...

...often get lucky enough to redeem any claimed offers or requirements, and strike some wining lines on the slots. The next thing to do is withdraw the winnings. Unfortunately, the banking institution has only been able to process deposit transactions so far. They do not accept requests to cash out any funds from the respective player accounts, even though their partnering service Skrill does not share the same policy.

So, online casino players using Nordea as their deposit method will easily find an alternative when getting their winnings out.

Disadvantages of the Payment

Advantages of the Payment Method

  • Renowned banking institution – The sole fact that you are working with the Nordea banking group is enough to invoke trustworthiness and reliability. The brand name has established an impeccable reputation throughout the many years of its existence, and ultimately resounds with stability, safety and security of all its services.
  • Security measures – The specific security measures in place include a range of protocols and encryption certificates in order to meet the highest standards of banking institutions. On top of that, their partnership with Skrill as an intermediary processor adds an extra layer of protection against any outside interference. Lastly, the one-time sign-in code serves to make sure that no one else is attempting to misuse your login credentials on your behalf.
  • Additional services – As mentioned in the beginning, this banking business already has a developed network of services – personal, corporate and wholesale banking, as well as asset management. With that and additional collaborations to keep up with modern trends, Nordea is handling the business quite impressively.
  • Skrill partnership – The Skrill partnership mentioned above specifically contributes to the overall quality, reputability and sustainability of the Nordea online banking feature. Having an associate as this company speaks volumes, even for the top rated banking group in the world of financial management.
  • Device customization – On a final note, the company’s ability to pay attention to details has allowed it to provide a desktop and mobile-dedicated online banking option. Hence, both players at online casino sites and platforms optimized for mobile devices will be able to benefit from it.

Disadvantages of the Payment Method

  • Country restrictions – The widespread network of offices helps existing users get better accessibility to the bank’s services when abroad. However, residents of countries such as Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Italy, Brazil and the rest are restricted from holding an account at the bank and using it for online casino activities.
  • Withdrawal restrictions – Players will need to seek out a suitable alternative to their banking method when requesting cashouts – Nordea does not process such transactions.
  • Bank restrictions – As indicated in the first point, residents of these countries are not automatically eligible to the bank’s services. The only solution is available to those who hold accounts at partnering banks, even though these are not as numerous.


1. Will I be charged any fees for using Nordea as an online casino banking method?

No, these transactions are normally not subject to any fees, except in some cases of cross-country money transfers.

2. What are some of the top bonuses I can claim with this payment method?

Players can claim the full range of bonuses, starting from no deposit offers, welcome bonuses, tournament qualifications and all kinds of promotional perks and benefits.

3. What is the best alternative to Nordea for online casino withdrawals?

Other instant banking services should be able to meet the needs of these players, along with Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions. Due to the involvement by Skrill, other e-wallets along with this one should also serve as a suitable alternative when it comes to withdrawals.

4. Is the banking service available to residents of any other country except the Nordic ones?

Yes, some expansive efforts have been made and the banking service is nowadays additionally available in Russia. The bank has its separate website in the Russian language, and even accepts their currency, Rubbles.

5. Is there a customer support service I can address in case of inquiry or issue with the given service?

Yes, Nordea has a well-equipped and available customer service team of representatives. They are available by phone, as well as via different emails for all the service sections of the bank group.

Casinos that Offer Nordea

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