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Deuce on the Deal Video Poker

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Deuce on the Deal is a video poker game by Bally. I noticed it at the Suncoast in Las Vegas on September 30, 2007. The rules are the same as normal video poker, except the player has the option to pay five extra coins to guarantee getting at least one deuce. The way this is programmed is random hands will be dealt behind the scenes, until one is found containing at least one deuce.

In the following return tables the "win" is per coin, based on a max-coin bet, not including the deuce fee. So the actual win would be five times the win shown. The "return" is the produce of the win, the probability, and 0.5. The reason for the 0.5, is to adjust for the deuce fee.

Deuce on the Deal — Suncoast Pay Table

Hand Win Combinations Probability Return
Natural royal flush 2000 13054800 0.000002 0.001920
Four deuces 500 4089932616 0.000601 0.150357
Wild royal flush 25 30818613936 0.004532 0.056649
Five of a kind 10 50011253544 0.007354 0.036771
Straight flush 8 66840799944 0.009829 0.039316
Four of a kind 4 921085059024 0.135446 0.270892
Full house 3 209882366352 0.030863 0.046295
Flush 3 180845729520 0.026593 0.039890
Straight 2 680963869752 0.100136 0.100136
Three of a kind 1 2997349018848 0.440762 0.220381
Nothing 0 1658481391584 0.243881 0.000000
Total 6800381089920 1.000000 0.962606

Also see Ace on the Deal.

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